Safety First!

Safety is our top priority. That's why our single-speed bikes are built for reliability and control, featuring both front and rear brakes. With a simple and sturdy design, you can enjoy worry-free cycling, knowing you have a safe and dependable companion on your commutes.

Guaranteed Quality

Our intention isn't to mask product quality with mere aesthetics. One of our Co-founders dedicated over a year to personally test Zeg Origins across various weather conditions. Our goal is to ensure you receive an amazing bike, and based on the extensive testing it has undergone, we can say that you certainly will! If something doesn't meet your expectations, remember that we provide hassle-free returns.


Experience effortless pedaling and agile handling with our lightweight single-speed bikes with carbon fork and aluminum frame. Whether navigating busy streets or cruising through scenic routes, you'll appreciate the smooth and efficient ride our bikes offer.

Easy Maintenance

Say your farewells to the world of complex upkeep. It's an undeniable truth: single-speed bikes embody simplicity, and that's precisely why our affection for them runs deep. Enjoy more time on the saddle and less time fussing over mechanics. With single-speed bikes, it's all about the ride and less about the wrenching.