Assembly Guide

Greetings fellow cyclist! If you've landed here seeking assistance with assembling your new bicycle, you're at the right spot. First things first, let me give you a big congratulations on your brand-new two-wheeler! We really hope you have a blast riding it and enjoy every moment. Go ahead and press the play button on the video below to see a step-by-step guide on how to put together your new ride.

Torque Settings 

Handlebar, Seat and Seat Post 

Component  Newton Meters Inch-Pounds
Stem handlebar binder: 4-bolt faceplate 4-6 36-53
Stem top cap bolt 3.5 31
Stem pinch bolts 4-6 36-53
Seat rail binder 5-6 44-53
Seat post binder 6 53


Brake Caliper and Lever

Component  Newton Meters Inch-Pounds
Brake lever mount on handlebar  3-4 27-36
Brake caliper mount to frame 7-8 62-70
Brake pad mount on caliper 5-7 44-62
Brake cable pinch bolt 6-8 53-70


Crankset, Pedal and Axle Nuts

Component  Newton Meters Inch-Pounds
Crank bolts 27-34 239-301
Pedal into crank 31-35 275-309
Rear axle nuts  27-33 239-292

Front axle (Quick Release) - Measured torque not typically used. Common industry practice is resistance at lever half way through swing from open to fully closed.