Welcome to Zeg Bicycles

We are thrilled to introduce ourselves and share the story of how we became a Toronto-based bicycle company, driven by our primary goal of delivering top-notch products to our customers without them needing to break the bank. In order to do so we need to dial back the clock approximately two years.

My name is Gio, one of the co-founder of the company. I have always had a passion for cycling. Throughout the years, I have owned and enjoyed riding numerous exceptional bicycles. I have taken on the challenges of building project bikes from scratch, deriving immense joy from every step of the process. 

Somehow, it was track bikes that truly fascinated me due to their geometry, lightweight construction, and elegant simplicity. Living in Toronto, I recognized the importance of having a rear brake on a bike for safety reasons when riding in the city. Surprisingly, I couldn't find a track bike that accommodated this. Determined to find a solution, I modified one of my project bikes by drilling the bridge to mount a rear brake. Admittedly, this wasn't the wisest idea, as it compromised the frame's integrity and didn't yield the desired outcome. 

Undeterred by this epic fail, I pondered the possibility of designing a track bike that not only offered an enjoyable riding experience but also ensured safety. I presented the concept to my partners, who embraced and provided support for the idea. And so, we embarked on this exciting endeavor. 

After extensive research, we discovered a manufacturing facility that was eager to meet all our requirements. Countless negotiations and careful planning followed, resulting in the creation of our first bicycle "Origins".

So what are you waiting for? Go check our bike out!